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                    Bhakta Samaj USA non-profit organization is established and run by each and every individual of our Samaj.  Bhakta Samaj can be more successful by having more individual participation at different level of the organization.  To fulfill our vision and to make our samaj activities so enrich that can help each other by offering our unique talent, time, participation and donations. The primary goal is to celebrate our main four programs per year and other important goal of our organization is to help kids get better education, perform stage activities to develop leadership skills, develop interpersonal skills, make them participate in more community activities/ services and also help adult by offering proper training, classes to find a job and gain more knowledge.  We also like to make available books, audio, video content library for all to read, listen, watch and enlighten him/herself and others.

In any case if you did not receive the invitation card, please cordially consider this as an invitation to all four BSU events as well as BSU Picnic. It is open invitation to all the UDA Bhagats.




New Year / Diwali Utsav will be on 9th Nov 2013 at Tyngsboro High School, 205, Westford Rd, Tyngsboro, MA-01879. Start time is 2:00PM and end time 10:00PM

 Recent Graduate

Graduated between August of 2012 to this present day,

please send following info.:

· College name

· Degree earn?

· Graduate majored

· Future plans 

· Degree or graduate status.

· Any other info.

 Bhakta Samaj New Program:  We have started new Program " Bhakta Milan".  This event happen on every 1st Saturday of the Month in the evening.  Email will be sent out to all Bhakta with detail agenda and location.  All ages are welcome.  It is a very good way to pass along cultural values to our young ones. If you have a question, Please contact any comitee member for more information.

Volunteer Needed for BSU Services, Events and Activity. 

We are requesting every family to register their name and email address using login registration. We are sending invitation / news using Email only. 



Ram Navmi
Sharad Poonam
New year / Diwali
Quotes of the Day
Kabira Garv Na Keejiye,
Uncha Dekh Aavaas;
Kaal Paron Bhuin Letna,
Ooper Jamsi Ghaas.